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[18 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Minnow Calling | ]
Minnow Calling

They bring the bait, we bring the beer and we’re all happy that sunny afternoon down by the creek until Sal shows up and brings a cloud of hazy doom. We had caught ten fish by then, Meg kept running her lacquered rose nails over their scales and Harold stared at his knees all day. Sal brought a container of vodka and wanted to make martinis but I said martinis don’t gel with fish and grass and a rough and ready afternoons like this. That’s a crock, he exclaimed and …

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[5 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Shooting Party | ]
Shooting Party

Bone dry and on the field we watched Bud restless with the club but he never made it. Was the target too far? Was Gil ever going to leave him? That stroke is far too swift, mean really, like Bud himself. He’ll never make it, will always miss the target. We got up before noon to be here but we’re not sure it’s right, have a place to sit and grin and shoot the shit and the sky is gray now, time to go home and drink Martinis and watch …

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[23 May 2009 | Comments Off on Cutter Talk | ]
Cutter Talk

Cow comes to me at night, near the swamp by the old Sasparilla field. I wondered why as the smell of peppermint or anything minty sickens him. He asked me quietly if I could get rid of the the new bull that arrived at the farm. What bull, I ask, Tim or Rocky? Tim is a fat fellow, his previous farmer bulked him up on hormones and lard. Rocky is far too muscular, they say he was kept in a city kid’s backyard and ran around in circles all day …

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[23 May 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
Bambi and Flower

When Bambi came home that evening, after playing in the meadow with the other animals, he was wearing red lipstick.
The Great Prince of the Forest was very much ashamed of his son and asked him sternly why he chose to wear this strange human paint. Bambi looked startled and begin to hop and skip about, bucking up his hind legs and hiding his face.
Flower made me wear it! He insisted. Flower denied the whole thing and the Prince made him remove it immediately. After that he was only allowed to …

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[3 May 2009 | Comments Off on The Maudlin Maraca | ]
The Maudlin Maraca

You left that maraca in the woods, after Summer’s wedding rehersal and later when you realized it, you had your head between Allan Heston’s legs. Was it worth it to go back to the woods and retrieve the maraca? After all, Allan was a bore and it was the last maraca Philip had held in his fingers before they were recklessly sliced off in the sandwich machine. What was the sandwich machine doing next to the Marachi band?As you pictured Phillip’s fingers lying on the vinyl floor, a lone bit …