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11 April 2013 3 Comments

I have a new comic section at The Rumpus now called Folk Talk. The latest comic–although I’d hardly call it a comic, more so sketches with text – I’m no artist! It’s about a cigarillo a man (or woman, not very definite) finds on the beach and his assumptions of its smokers’s character.  I adapted it tfrom a short story of mine with the same title, of course it’s pared down quite a bit. The idea stemmed from some cigarillos butts I found on the beach one day. 

Other postings at Folk Talk will be more collaborative work with Kara Jansson. A sort of continuation of the Boyfriends series.

Here’s an excerpt. The rest can be read up @ the Rumpus. 


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  • Kim Oneill said:

    Death is Gods way of telling you not to be such a wise guy.

  • Kim Oneill said:

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  • Kim Oneill said:

    Nudists are people who wear one-button suits. vk-hacker.ru/user/anton_balandin/