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Coffee Cup Coincidence

Was it a coincidence or was that Mauve’s fifth grade teacher’s daisy cup on display at Diablos? Throughout the fifth grade, 1965, it sat on her desk, a full cup of Sanka, sitting and getting cold and finally Miss Giff (was that her name?) would take a sip, one lousy sip and the rest of the coffee was laid to waste! It irked Mauve to no end! Well, now she would simply buy this cup and make it a candle and Miss Giff could never drink from it again! Ah …

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Geppie, my sister’s boyfriend brought him home one day from the country store. Yes, “him”, we won’t name him, because frankly, every time we name him a disaster occurs. First Gabe named him, “Look there’s Frederick, he’s so quaint!” We rolled our eyes and seconds later pipes burst and the den was flooded. Then Grandma called him “Bip” passing by him in the hall and grandpa fell in the garage while oiling his Edsel. The last straw was the postman who saw him on the landing, “cute doll” he said, …

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Restless on the eve of the equinox, the solider stumbled in the in the snow and encountered the great rabbit, Peter. He aimed his rifle straight on and the rabbit feigned surprise, pulled his ears back and rolled his eyes. He let the solider tie him up and bring him back to the barracks. The regime stared at him all night in the barracks as they played cards and toasted to their wives and lovers. Peter thought of his burrow, fresh watercress and lolling about the great meadows.  Early in …