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[29 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Gauguin Gaga | ]
Gauguin Gaga

If you arrange the coconuts so, the aesthetic sense is commensurable or “tout à fait symétrique!” This eases the eye into believing it has achieved sensory fulfillment.
Gauguin knew he was full of crap but he had to tell the newsman from England something. He had come all this way to understand Gauguin’s plan for reaching a “higher existence” or his “Grand Scheme” so to say.
Ideally he wanted to scream at the man and make him sleep with Vainui, the fattest woman of the village. But he was lazy and simply …

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[23 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Surface of Saint | ]
Surface of Saint

Saint Colette is worried on the morning of her adventure, where will she go? The goldenrod fields are free but full of fleas and she is cannot damage her skin. Have they noticed the pox? The other nuns are catty and gossip under the grapevine as they knit the cowls for the priests. She is charmed by brother Eugene who bathes in the back courtyard in the metal tub. He has interesting folds of flesh, she is curious about his hair, its color is like red earth. Afterward they wash …

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[18 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Blake Discovers Clowns | ]
Blake Discovers Clowns

Before clowns made him queasy and often angry. Now they made him feel special and majestic! If he kept clowns at his side he would be safe in the world–Blake and clowns against the world!
But it was Mariam that made him say that one morning at breakfast.
Why had he bothered with clowns in the first place? They offered little to soceity, hogged much of the makep in the world and were seldom funny. If it weren’t for this particular clown she bought him, which he kept above the hamper, a …

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[18 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Espresso for Anselme | ]
Espresso for Anselme

Downing his third espresso, Anselme jumped in the Seine and swiftly swam to his small bateauhe, jumped on, then drove full speed ahead to catch one glimpse of Audrey.
She lived on the Island of “La Grande Jatte”, where Seurat painted his famous, ‘A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.’ She had set up a tent, partially to avoid him and partially to sit and think about Seurat’s painting.
When he arrived, his hair had engulfed his face like a tsunami and he looked blindly about for her. She lay quietly on …

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[18 Apr 2009 | One Comment | ]
You Left Them at the Cabin

You left these at the cabin that weekend, littered all over the floor. The weekend began well, coasters spread out at various tables, each for one guest, trying for a woodsy, folksy effect but it went bad. Hal left Maria on the step, your peppermint jelly mold melted and Allan threw up your mohair shawl. But the veneer Walnut tabletop remained ringless and this was all that mattered.