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Shelagh Power Chopra

Reckless rumination & love gone wrong: http://drunkonjunk.com

Recent Work:

Novel is complete (or so one thinks). Wrangling up agents to submit to…

My new comic section up @ The Rumpus: Folk Talk

Surprised by this, had no clue I was even nominated in 2011: StorySouth Notable Stories of 2011

“Years ago I went to Hoboken with a friend. It was winter, dead cold; the town was full of debris and drab shingled homes.” Hoboken up @ The Rumpus

“…cause these oysters were the most famous oysters in the world but no more now, that was years before, in our grandfathers’ tuxedo times, oysters on the half shell and consommé broths…” Dock up @Pureslush

“He had been roped into the slaughtering of hogs, had been taught how to make hare stew and had even been given a tour of a urine soaked hound kennel.” Scarecrows up @ Atticus Review

“When I was twenty my uncle gave me a book of love poems.” Struwwelpeter up @ FRIGG

“That summer my mother moved to Maine and my father stayed put in the old house in Savannah.” @ Pureslush: Summer Lawn

“The basement was lighter than I expected but not cleaner. Boxes and tools were everywhere, piles of newspapers, and a large skin of what looked like a bear was nailed up on the concrete wall.” @ The Good Men Project: “Heddon Lucky 13“.

Interview up @fictionaut about “The Naked Rowdies“, a project about miscreant Irish rockers, David Ackley and I did.

“They found Peter in the morning. I was in the kitchen eating shelled walnuts.” Silo @ UsedFurnReview

“When Magda was fourteen, she married her father.” Childbride  @Necessary Fiction

“Kip found the clown shoes at a yard sale.”  Clownface @ pureslush

“She found the drunken sailor in the morning; his head under the blanket, canvas cap in hand.” The Drunken Sailor  @ failbetter mag

Fun interview I did about the Sailor story with failbetter mag.

“The brothers from Coal Road sat behind her–a whole brood, ranging in color and size; one was squat, one tall, the other an ugly sexy beast of a boy, all slick and prickly.” project with Kara Kovacev up @ Used Furniture Review

“The knock on the door came just as our argument ended. It was the Chinese delivery boy.” Want Not up at The Rumpus

“When I think of Arthur falling into the coma, I imagine him diving headlong into a mud puddle. Slip sliding down a dark abyss and drowning–his hands like stunted flippers, getting him nowhere.” Coma up at Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“His previous wife had been “two shakes of the head and seven claps”. Cifesboren up at Fictionaut

“When they were all good and tipsy, the late after­noon sun behind them, she found her­self in front of the dumb­waiter with her one-armed cousin.”  The Dumb Waiter up at BLIP (now Pistol Mice)

“But they get back to the shack and drink more until someone removes the towel and they stare again and there’s a slight smell, like low tide and mice rotting and Jeb wants to call the girls but Chuck says wait and they wait…” Sea Change up at Juked

“He looked terrible, his cheeks were pitted like dry charcoal and his eyes, pinched shut. “Rehab,” was all he said, and handed me the animal across the step.” Shogun: up at Metazen:

“I liked you best in Choke — you were sexy in a lazy, sort of ‘70s way.” Dinner with Sam Rockwell up at Used Furniture Review (this is an excellent new magazine, btw, definitately check out)

“They all looked for Vic’s leg after the accident.” The Leg up at Litsnack

“He was supposed to meet Dina there and thus begin an affair, begin the stipulation of all rotation and whatnot, he liked to think.” La Plaza Del Sol up at Fwriction

Got some “best of” flash pieces up at 52/250. Pieces based on the prompts: “Bad Haircut”, “Lucky Number” and “We are not Resonsible”

“And those thick, blue bandages, covering the hurt of the world.” The Painted Lady up at Significant Objects Project

“Samuel was a maudlin Jewish boy who wore colorless T-shirts with old soda slogans like, “RC Cola, the mad, mad Cola””. Boyfriends (collaboration with Kara Kovacev of Cloudbuilder up at Electric Lit’s Outlet Blog

Some of my other work can be read at fictionaut:


I can be reached @ powerchopra@gmail.com

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