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[19 Oct 2009 | 5 Comments | ]
Designed by Franklin S. Bennett

Last week I saw this lamp at a thrift shop and immediately thought, wow, that’s kinda odd. Rarely do I see metal shades on lamps let alone shades or other random objects in this vivid golden yellow. It looked like something Peggy’s mom from “Madmen” might have in her house in Queens (okay, a friend of mine from Rego park in Queens corrected me and told me Peggy’s mother actually lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn). I doubt Don would have it his house, it seems too earthy or rustic (perhaps …

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[11 Oct 2009 | One Comment | ]
Sale by the Sea

Every so often, I thought it would be fun to post items I find at thrift shops, estate sales, etc., that I won’t necessarily sell or possibly just items that I find interesting. Maybe there’s some history maybe not. I’m a big fan of sites that show off their yard sale finds so I thought this would be fun. I realize I already post items I don’t necessarily sell but I wanted to post them and not write fictitious accounts of the items, but instead tell like it is!
A few …

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Fourth in the “Fish Stories” Series.
Title: Barnum
Owner: Bernard M. Woof
Purchased: At the Hayward Bookshop on Bog Street for $1.25.

Bernard was looking for a misadventure because a real, good adventure seemed too rosy and sunny for his disposition that day. His face was the color of an old worn dishtowel and Larky told him if he didn’t leave the house at once and get some good industrial air, she would roll him up in the old Turkoman and send him off on a steamer to the South. So, he trod down …

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[22 Aug 2009 | One Comment | ]
The Ceramic Bird

What is it about ceramic birds that I find so fascinating? Not sure, I just find them soothing and charming, I suppose. They tend to go well with everything surrounding them: books, plants, portraits, whatever. They have to be old–’40s preferably and the color vivid, the shape interesting; a bit soft, meaning no sharp edges  and certainly not new (please no ’70s birds!)

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The Studio Bride

When the girl sat down to be photographed, Herman knew immediately his day was to be miserable–the studio was boiling hot due to his furnace overheating and the girl was mousy and unkempt and sure to photograph terribly. She might as well have been a wet dog that was lugged into from the sea by its owner; damp and disheveled and loved only for its temperament.
She had come to the studio at the request of her father, he was about to set her out in society and he wanted her …