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The Crime in Car 13

Third in the “Fish Stories” Series.
Title: The Crime in Car 13
Owner: H. Vincent Wright

Purchased: Borrowed from his brother Terrance’s house. Found under the red velvet cushion that Audrey, Terrance’s wife uses to rest her feet.

H. Vincent wasn’t sure if he should read another mystery, after all the last time he ended up shivering in the bathroom, his wife coaxing him out with  a cup of Heather tea. H. Vincent, please I don’t want any more stains on the mattress, she told him when she saw the book. And after you …

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Sean Penn rose from his sofa and debated. Debated if he should smoke more or read more of the script a new filmmaker on the scene had sent over. He sighed and read more of the script and disliked it immediately; the part they were offering was of a man hitting middle age who has a breakdown while driving a horse and buggy. The breakdown is the the result of his losing his wife to a flood.

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Ball Gall

Stella hoped Arthur would stay longer on his business trip. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see him, it was just he always brought back ridiculous presents.

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Alluring Lures…

I love fishing lures (vintage and new alike) as much as I love corkscrews probably because they’re small, beautifully designed and utilitarian again, much like the corkscrew. A little dangerous piece of art that also gives you dinner. Not that I ever use them and yes, I live close to the beach but don’t fish, I just like looking at them.

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Mime: Basics For Beginners

This is the second piece in a series called “Fish Stories”. Fictitious accounts of the owners and authors of books I find at thrift shops. Most likely I will put them up for sale at some point.

Title: Mime: Basic For Beginners
Owner: Susan Ruhig
Purchased: 1986 at a local church sale.