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Fun with Bobby and Sally

10 November 2009 5 Comments

Found these the other day at the local swapshop. Made in 1961, they’re from a company called,  Instructo Products. Basically they’re cardboard kits for teachers that come with common scenarios/figures of current life (1960s, that is) such as the father in his business attire, mother cooking, Sally and Bobby playing, nature, farm life, seasons, trees, etc. I found one kit which is based on American themes, one so called “exotic” cultures (all of course–very stereotypical) and one country theme-cartoon style–this one was just plain weird.

So, I started playing around with them and taking photos and thought it would be better to do collages with no manipulation whatsoever, just using the kit to make random pictures with some kind of meaning. Will most likely put captions with them.

Yes, some are very politically incorrect but that’s the point, the irony of it all, blah, blah, etc; Don Draper shows off his new mistress, Alulanerk, the Inuit (of course in 1961, it would be Eskimo). Or Betty makes casserole while others in the world toil. Others just came out with a lot of silly pseudo symbolism.

Don Draper shows off his new mistress, Aulanerk.


Don talks to Sally about the birds and the bees.


Betty sets the table as the world toils away.


Sly the fox is content.


In the fields with Bobby and the oxen.


Anyway, making into cards or maybe T-shirts. Who knows.

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  • Louise said:

    Those are amAZING! Just think of all the scenarios that could happen. When I first read ‘scenarios/figures of current life’ I was chuckling to myself, thinking, yes, I too have stereotyped Indian boy on an elephant outside… such a great find!

  • Amy@AQ-V said:

    Oh yes, these are indeed amazing. Dearly love your set-ups and the captions… non-pc and all. :~)

    p.s. Thanks so much for paying me a blog visit recently! Apologize I’m tardy hopping over here to your wonderful piece of real estate… been in/out of town, blah, blah, blah. I really dig your features… such great narratives paired with great objects!

    Psst… I think it is so fabulous your grandfather was a roommate of Saarinen, whether your grandfather was a famous architect or not. :~) Tasty piece of trivia, thank you for dropping a note. Again, very pleased to be introduced to your blog, look forward to keeping up with it!

  • Shelagh (author) said:


    Wish I could say I had a few Saarinen sketches (signed of course) wouldn’t that be great? My grandfather went on to be a writer and had a book that did fairly well so some luck did rub of from Saarinen…!

  • pavane said:

    Hey Shel, these figures are sooo coool, i love what you are doing with them, your site is just too much fun. Glad you are having a happy time, i think i need to come and live over there to keep myself stimulated.


  • Shelagh (author) said:

    Well, if I had a view of the Ganga everyday, I too would probably be distracted. Wish I was there instead though…..!!!