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The Dumbwaiter

17 January 2011 One Comment

My story, “The Dumbwaiter” is up on BLIP.

BLIP, formally the Mississippi Review Online (now Pistol Mice? not so sure) is a great magazine and there’s a lot of wonderful writers up there, like Bill Yarrow, W.F. Lantry, Andrew Roe, Erik Smetana, Alicia Gifford, among others.

It was guest edited by Courtney Eldridge, who wrote a kick ass essay for the issue.

“When they were all good and tipsy, the late after­noon sun behind them, she found her­self in front of the dumb­waiter with her one-armed cousin.”

Anyway, one can read it here: “The Dumbwaiter”

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  • Resty said:

    At the time I had a good friend who had daencd ballet professionally. She walked me through everything I wrote about, often giving me wonderful descriptions of how things looked and felt. And she claimed he could do that leap. But I’m in your camp, thinking, huh, not very likely! Still, she gave me the answer I wanted to hear so I went for it!