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Silver Bumping

27 June 2009 No Comment

The rivers and valleys of the world reside in the silver swirls of the bear. Often when he’s placed on a shelf, I sit and am mesmerized by his heady form. But like others he keeps his back to me and is not trustworthy. But this has its advantages because you always learn more by watching the backs of men. What is hairy is reproachable and stunted. Clean, smooth shaven is a sign of clarity but proves often to be shallow and insipid. Hunched is the most stable and predictable but wounded and hides a hill of regret. The silver furrows hold madness and delight but they are blinding and one often loses their fortune exploring in their soft folds. Let’s forgive the bear and let him rest on the shelf, in the half sunlight, under the waning bouquet.

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