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8 August 2011 One Comment

New short up @ The Good Men Project. Heddon Lucky 13. A great online mag everyone should read. There’s some really impressive fiction up there including great work by Ethel Rohan, XTX, and Devin Goldsteinhis story, Children, I particularly liked.

This one was a fun one to write, as I’m obsessed with fishing lures. Soon after I wrote the piece, I found my “Lucky 13” (photo posted with story) described in the story on ETSY.

There’s something beautiful about those old wooden lures and some are worth small fortunes. Collectors seem particulariy obsessed by them, some only collecting in mint condition. I like the rustic ones and don’t see the appeal of perfection in lures. These minnow Dowagaics below are pretty coveted.

I wrote another post about lures awhile back. Like this Punkinseed as well – like the name even more. Looks like this one is sold out, must be popular.


I plan on doing a watercolor series of lures, let’s see how it goes…

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  • Morena said:

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