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Florida Utopia

2 February 2010 No Comment

So tired of this weather. Ideally, I’d like to move to Florida and start a Utopian society. It’s warm, cheap, devoid of hipsters and completely lacking in any sort of irony (okay, probably not entirely true on both parts but…).

Can we start a rebirth of Victorian Utopian societies like they had in the late 1800s? Full of elegant, malaria-ridden ex-pats who love seances and use the latest exercise devices made out of that new glorious product, “rubber”!

Maybe in the Everglades, where we could hold meetings at the “Rock Bottom Bar”. There’s an old Naugahyde stool with your name on it, a sign that reads, “Some call it “Tourist Season” so why can’t we shoot them?” and a pretty swell guy who sings Hank Williams covers.

A few recent photos of the area.

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