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Fiendish Felines

26 October 2009 No Comment

In the last week or so, oddly enough, I found three weird cat statues. And no, I don’t make lists to actively go searching for weird ceramic cats:

  • buy onions and mango chutney
  • write a 1000 words
  • seek out terribly frightening cat figurines

One, I just listed in my shop and the other two I’m just contemplating (what does one do with odd porcelain cats, especially since I really don’t like cats) at the moment or using for props:

PA211132 copy PA251170

I found a few other “interesting” ones browsing on Etsy. The one in the middle (Kathy) is from my shop. If you click on the photo, you’ll go to those particular shops.

freakcat2 freakcat1 il_fullxfull.97674189 freakcat3 freakcat4

And a few months ago, I sold a great one – her name was Skitty and she had a nice little story:


Wilma found the cat in an old teal couch in the alley behind Gild’s Brothers Emporium. She was tempted to take the couch, it was from the the ’50s but as she got closer, it had a strange odor. Finally she figured out it was cat urine and beneath the middle cushion was a little cat, black & white and very cute. She brought it home, named it “Skitty” and wondered why it was so quiet and stiff, certainly not chipper as she first thought when she saw its face. Finally her friend Tim told her it was a statue, “I knew that” she said as she stroked its glassy surface.

I loved that cat or maybe I just liked the idea of “Skitty” but unfortunately she got lost in the mail. Skitty was probably found by some young hipster and now sits attentively on a mod coffee table somewhere or is the newest friend of a little old lady. Or maybe she simply returned to hide under the cushions of her teal couch but most likely she is shattered in a thousand pieces in a landfill in Kansas. Oh well, such is the life of the ceramic cat.

And yes, horrible ceramic cats have lasted through the years; here’s one from the 1800s. Found this photo on this site:


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