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Deer Herald

16 July 2009 No Comment

CIMG3014 copy copySwimming in the deep end we discovered the object. It was hard and cold and had curled its body around itself. Why it chose the water, I wasn’t sure. Was it a creature that could breathe under water? It was hard to say. We carried it out of the water and set it on the concrete patio. It was still for a long time and Auggie touched it with his wet fingers. He said it felt hard and still almost like plastic but now it felt warm. The creature stirred and began to unravel itself. It looked up with a great brown eye and I swore it was like looking into a sun that had almost dwarfed. A sun just about to part in shadow. It stood up and we all gasped. It was a deer, small and concise with a few spatterings of spots on its back. It let out a strange, wispy call like that of a dying mouse. It walked around for a moment, then stood still and looked at each of us. Auggie leaned forward and touched it again. “My god, you’re plastic! Are you real?” The deer smiled and spoke slowly. “Yes of course I’m real. Don’t you believe in plastic?”

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